Team 6t9 have released an innovative new travel motorcycle tool kit unlike anything else on the market. The unique 6t9 Universal Travel Tool Pouch fits a 15 piece tool kit into a pouch small enough to fit in most leathers. The pouch can also be purchased as part of the Special Edition 6t9 JW Universal Motorcycle Service Kit making a 25 piece service kit that can be used on any make of bike – road or dirt.


Like with their cleaning products Team 6t9 wanted to solve an age old problem for bikers everywhere. Their cleaning products do what they are supposed to and NOW their tool kits give you everything you need in a way that’s not been done before.

Guy Farmer of The Hand & Power Tool Centre Ltd, who is passionate about English manufacturing, joined Team 6t9 to pioneer the development of this innovative new product. A friend of James Whitham for many years, Guy approached the 6t9 President with the concept of a completely English made set of tools and that is exactly what they have brought to the table. The tools are manufactured in England by King Dick of Birmingham, in this, their 160th year of production and yet Team 6t9’s obsession with quality did not end there. The tool pouches are stitched in Derbyshire, with the binding manufactured and custom dyed in Cheshire, then finally hand assembledin Yorkshire; a true County wide effort.

The team have hinted at exciting things to come with the words ‘watch this space’ in the product description, we doubt this will be the last we hear of Team 6t9 in the tool market!

Full product description can be found here.

Promotional video starring President James Whitham and Company Ambassador Freddie Spencer can be found here.