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Unique 6t9 products work upside down

BROWN – Penetrating Water Displacement Spray


  • 500ml Penetrating Water Displacement Spray can
  • A brilliant all round penetrant, lubricant, water displacer and corrosion preventative.
  • Contains an optimal level of mineral and synthetic additives resulting in superior performance
  • Can be applied at any angle due to 360 degree valve
  • Long lasting big can for better value

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Product Description

Unique 360 degree 6t9 valve works upside down

A brilliant all round penetrant, lubricant, water displacer and corrosion preventer.

Contains a highly potent blend of the best currently available additives to excel in this category.

This product is so good in testing we have submerged a light bulb into a tank of water and switched it on and off safely to prove the extreme performance*.

Developed to release and protect against moisture and corrosion all electrical parts susceptible to water and moisture to ensure correct operation.

The 360 degree valve allows you to use BROWN no matter which way up you hold it. No longer will you get a reduced spray from your can when the level gets low in the can. The unique 360 6t9 valve works upside down so you can get the last bit out of the 500ml spray can.

Also, you can get to every part of your bike, even getting underneath it whilst it is still on the ground!

*Note: DO NOT TRY SUBMERGING A LIGHT BULB IN WATER AT HOME. Tested under controlled laboratory conditions.



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