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6t9 Universal Motorcycle Travel Tool Pouch


  • Ultra compact & lightweight mobile tool pouch
  • Exclusive T-handle design with multipurpose fastener bits
  • Tools designed to suit virtually any make of Motorcycle
  • On your belt or in your garage it’s the perfect companion
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Product Description

This exclusive travel tool pouch is completely unique to Team 6t9 you won’t find anything like this anywhere else, well we couldn’t find it anyway! Like with our cleaning products we wanted to solve an age old problem for bikers everywhere. Our cleaning products do what they are supposed to and NOW our tool kits give you everything you need in a way that’s not been done before.

This compact pouch will fit in most leathers, on your belt or in a saddle bag. It contains all of the bits you need to service your bike on the road. Even better, it doesn’t matter what bike you have, we’ve designed this to work for all bikes, road or dirt. (One minor exception – Harley-Davidson – but watch this space)

Here at Team 6t9 we want to show what we can do and get behind our manufacturing heritage and therefore have launched a range of tools, designed in England by professionals, made in England by the best & brought to you with pride.

Our heritage is beyond reproach, our countryside is beautiful, our manufacturing prowess is recognised worldwide, we have some of the best riders, drivers, sportsmen and women in the world so isn’t it about time we felt proud of our Nation.

The tools are manufactured in England by King Dick of Birmingham, in this, their 160th year of production and yet Team 6T9’s obsession with quality did not end there. The tool pouches are stitched in Derbyshire, with the binding manufactured and custom dyed in Cheshire, and then finally hand assembled in Yorkshire; a true County wide effort.

Full contents below. 

Tool Pouch Contents

  • Exclusive design T-handle
  • 100mm magnetic extension bar
  • Torx T15 bit
  • Torx T20 bit
  • Torx T25 bit
  • Torx T30 bit
  • Torx T40 bit
  • Torx T45 bit
  • Flat blade bit 6.0 x 1mm
  • PZ2 2 bit
  • Hex 3mm bit
  • Hex 4mm bit
  • Hex 5mm bit
  • Hex 6mm bit
  • Hex 8mm bit


* Tool Kits are sent from a separate warehouse to our cleaning products and may arrive separately. Please allow up to 2 working days for deliveries to non-mainland UK.


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