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Unique 6t9 products work upside down

  • 6t9-web-toolkit-full26t9-web-toolkit-full
    • Compact service tool kit
    • Professionally designed tools to service virtually any make of motorcycle
    • Tough ABS plastic case featuring custom cut foam inserts for tool control
    • In your garage or on adventure in your panniers it’s the perfect companion
  • 6t9-web-toolkit-pouch16t9-web-pouch6
    • Ultra compact & lightweight mobile tool pouch
    • Exclusive T-handle design with multipurpose fastener bits
    • Tools designed to suit virtually any make of Motorcycle
    • On your belt or in your garage it’s the perfect companion
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    Workshop Bundle

    This special promotion offers the best value we've ever done for Team 6t9 products. It also contains the exclusive 6t9 Travel Pouch with all the tools you'd need when out and about on your bike. Whether it's a long tour or a short trip across the country, never leave home without your travel pouch. Better safe than sorry! :) Also, we're offering all of the stars of our range at a huge discount!