Project Description

6t9 RED – Hi-Speed Chain Lube

Hi-Speed Chain Lubricant is formulated for extreme performance at the highest possible speed to minimize friction and release Horse Power. In excess of 5 HP is not unusual.

How do we achieve this?

By use of a proprietary blend of extreme pressure lubricants that bond to the metal and to each other preventing metal contact and sending friction plummeting. The extreme anti-fling agent Keeps this extreme Hi-Speed lube where it belongs on the chain and not all over your bike when applied correctly. Correct and regular use of this lube extends chain life and allows maximal horsepower of your engine to get to the road by minimising friction.

Easily applied with the 360 deg Valve even upside down, it goes on wet, penetrating deep into the links before thickening, coating all surfaces with extreme pressure resistant molecules. To keep the lubricant in place when riding in bad weather or at high speeds a long chain molecular structure is used to bind the product to the drive chain.

The 360 degree valve allows you to use RED no matter which way up you hold it. No longer will you get a reduced spray from your can when the level gets low in the can. The unique 360 6t9 valve works upside down so you can get the last bit out of the 500ml spray can.

Also, you can get to every part of your chain, even getting underneath it whilst it is still on the ground!