Project Description

6t9 ORANGE – Foam Degreaser

Unique 360 degree 6t9 valve works upside down

Foam Degreaser has been formulated to take all the work out of removing those extremely sticky chain lubes that don’t stay where they should from your wheels and bodywork.

That makes it man enough for any job.

This fresh orange smelling product foams to speed the break up of the toughest grease and grime with a little agitation using only a soft brush.

Simply wash off with a hose or jet wash.

Why is it so good?

Because we’ve brought you new thinking, amalgamated ingredients in a novel way to produce a unique product so easy to use it’ll surprise you with it’s extreme, yet safe performance giving you more time back to ride your bike.

The 360 degree valve allows you to use ORANGE no matter which way up you hold it. No longer will you get a reduced spray from your can when the level gets low in the can. The unique 360 6t9 valve works upside down so you can get the last bit out of the 500ml spray can.

Also, you can get to every part of your bike, even getting underneath it whilst it is still on the ground!