Project Description

6t9 NAVY – Motorbike Wash

The formula is specifically designed to break down all the gunk you get on your bike when you’re out enjoying yourself. When you get home you might not want to spend hours getting your bike clean. 6t9 NAVY saves you time and money.

The 360 degree valve allows you to use NAVY no matter which way up you hold it. No longer will you get a reduced spray from your bottle when the level gets low in the bottle. The unique 360 6t9 valve works upside down so you can get the last bit out of the 1000ml bottle.

Also, you can get to every part of your bike, even getting underneath it whilst it is still on the ground!

To clean your bike simply remove major dirt with pressure washer and spray NAVY generously over all surfaces you wish to clean, leave for 1 minute to activate and then rinse with a hose pipe.

That’s it! Simple!

No complicated application methods.

NAVY just works, quickly and effectively.