James Whitham lifetime motorcyclist, ex professional racer, keen (if average) cyclist and general two-wheel enthusiast, loves getting his hands dirty and prepares and services all his bikes pedal or motorised. Gone are the days when, as a professional racer at the highest level he had an entourage of technicians, tons of sponsorship and product endorsement.

“There has never been a range of products that hits the spot, my collection of two wheelers are my passion, my pride and joy, but time is always at a premium with a very busy schedule, so I need products that do exactly what they should. Price becomes secondary when their performance saves you time and money on component longevity, chain, sprockets, bearings, plastic and paint. I’m from Yorkshire. Value is everything.

I remember in days gone by when our team was sponsored by a company that supplied us with as much free product as we liked, yet at times the mechanics would pay for a different product because they knew it really worked, but there has never been a range that could do it all. That’s why I started this range, a team really, Team 6t9. One that would give enthusiasts like myself a range of products that always delivers on performance and value. I test everything myself and over time the range/team will grow. Slowly slowly catch the monkey to make every product top notch.”

We’re launching our road products first, but we will follow up with some exciting new products in the near future “coz I use shed loads of the stuff and I don’t want to buy it any more ha ha…..”

Because I do all my own maintenance I’ll be showing everyone how and why to use the products online.

One of the features that Whitham has insisted on is the ability to use the can either way up to get to them difficult to reach places. This is more expensive, but better value as it can save time makes sure you get he most out of the product by ensuring when you turn it upside down you don’t just lose propellant.

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