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We are Team 6t9

We love fast bikes, fast cars and pretty much everything on two and four wheels.

Made in the UK, our motorcycle cleaning products might be the best at what they do but that is not the most important part about what we do. We are a team, a family, a group of people with a common goal and a shared ethos in life. Our team includes many world champions as well as young, upcoming riders. We are inclusive and have a focus to engage with anyone who shares our passion.

We have been making motorcycle cleaning products for over 40 years in the shadows. We have finally come out into the open to deliver the best products for the people who deserve them. We are tired of inferior products being promoted as “cure alls” that don’t deliver on their promise. Our motorcycle cleaning products have received 5 star reviews across the top publications in the world. The biggest complaint? ‘I’ve run out’!

Everything we do we do to push innovation to the limits.

We are Team 6t9.